sept 15, 2021

 10 Flicks on Netflix to watch on Sunday

The film is about a screen Gil Pender, who is vacationing in Paris with his fiancée. One night, Gil comes across a group of strangers who take him back in time to the 1920s Jazz Age, where he meets his idols

1. Midnight In Paris 

A tale of love overcoming class differences, Notting Hill features Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in lead roles. It is a story of a bookshop owner whose life changes when he accidentally meets the famous celebrity of his time

2. Notting Hill 

A musical that Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a talented jazz musician, who meet by chance but remain friends by choice. It is about struggles of their everyday life that forces them to face what is more important to them

3. La La Land 

The film follows Cal Weaves whose world turns upside down after he learns his wife wants a divorce. He meets Jacob, a casanova, who teaches him how to be a ladies’ man, while falling in love with Cal’s daughter

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Based on the novel, this film follows Nick Carraway and his millionaire neighbour who suffers great heartbreaks and tragedy together

5. The Great Gatsby 

A lonely marine tries to track down a woman who he believed was his lucky charm

6. The Lucky One 

The film is all about summer romance and love triangles. It is a chick flick to its core. It has 3 parts that are trending on Netflix

7. The Kissing Booth

Childhood friends Sasha and Marcus go through a hiatus of 15 years. While Sasha makes it big in life, Marcus makes excuses to not move out of his comfort zone. Old romance blooms when they reunite

8. Always Be My Maybe 

The film is about a corporate executive Georgia who moves to the countryside after winning an inn in an online contest. The renovator, Jake, makes her want to spend a summer of a lifetime in the inn

9. Falling Inn Love 

When an aspiring actor develops a romantic relationship with a seasoned musician, her career reaches new heights. However, the musician suffers a major setback as he fails to fight his inner demon

10. A Star Is Born 

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