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Pujya Doss

july 01, 2024


10 K-drama actors good at being bad

His menacing allure in All About Eve made him a captivating antagonist

Image: SM C&C

Jang Dong Gun 

Lee Jae Wook's charismatic villainy in Extraordinary You left a lasting impression

Image: tvN

Lee Jae Wook 

Kim Jae Wook's dark charm as a villain in Voice made him unforgettable

Kim Jae Wook 

Image: Management SOOP

His complex portrayal in Defendant showcased Ji Sung's villainous prowess

Ji Sung 

Image: Surpass Entertainment

Kim Woo Bin's mesmerizing performance in Heirs added depth to his antagonist role

Kim Woo Bin 

Image: AM Entertainment

His chilling portrayal in Remember: War of the Son earned praise

Namgoong Min

Image: 935 Entertainment

Yoo Ah In's enigmatic antagonist in Six Flying Dragons showcased his versatility

Yoo Ah In 

Image: StarK United Artists Agency

Jo Jin Woong's impactful antagonistic roles include Signal

Jo Jin Woong 

Image: Saram Entertainment

His captivating villainy in Flower of Evil impressed viewers

Kim Ji Hoon 

Image: Big Picture

Lee Byung Hun's iconic villains, such as in I Saw the Devil, remain unforgettable

Lee Byung Hun 

Image: BH Entertainment


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