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10 K-dramas about K-pop Industry

 Hemelin Darlong

MAY 25, 2023


A popular idol member of the superstar boy group falls in love with a trainee girl. The two stars put their careers on the line as they start falling in love and secretly date. 


Source: KBS

The drama is a lighthearted romance. A K-pop idol who is cold and cruel meets an anti-fan and somehow they ended up living together. Things started to change between them as they fall in love. 

So I Married an Anti-fan

Source: NaverTV

An idol in 1993 somehow time travels to 2017 and finds out he went missing in 1994 and tries to solve the mystery behind it.

Hit the Top/ The Best Hit

Source: KBS2

Kang Han Gyul is a former bass player of the band crude play but he quit before its debut to become a producer. He meets a girl with a golden voice and things start to get complicated between them.

The Liar and His Lover

Source: tvN

It is the story of a producer who has a big hand in making the biggest careers in K-pop who then disappears. 8 years later he wants to make a group but faces a lot of problems with trainees. 

Part-Time Idol

Source: SBS

A former manager of Mango Entertainment somehow ends up in prison for his transgressions. After his release, he wanted to create his own label and helped talented kids to achieve their dreams.


Source: SBS

The story is about a girl who had to leave her opera-singing dreams to earn money as a pop star and how she overcomes her insecurities and regains strength.

Dream High

Source: KBS2TV

This is a story about a girl who wanted to be a nun and her twin who is on the verge of being a K-pop group member and how she starts posing as her twin brother to join the band.

You're Beautiful

Source: SBS

A story about a musician who fails during her English music audition and returns to South Korea to dress up like a man auditioning for a K-pop boy band.

K-POP Extreme Survival

Source: Channel A

It is a drama series based on an ex-idol trainee who uses her precognition power to manage a new boy group full of talents and how she helps them in the harsh industry they are in.

Top Management

Source: Youtube Premium


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