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Pujya Doss

september 18, 2023


10 K-dramas about music

This drama follows the lives of students at a prestigious performing arts school, as they strive to become K-pop stars 

Image: KBS2

Dream High 

A young woman poses as her twin brother to join a popular boy band, leading to comedic and romantic complications 

Image: SBS

You're Beautiful 

Set in a music university, it tells the story of a talented traditional musician and a modern music student who find love through their shared passion for music 

Image: MBC


A group of high school students from different backgrounds forms a band, using music to heal their emotional wounds 


Image: Mnet

A quirky music professor inspires his students at a prestigious music conservatory, blending classical and contemporary music 

Tomorrow's Cantabile 

Image: KBS2

The Liar and His Lover 

Image: tvN

A young, talented musician falls in love with a girl who inspires his songwriting, unaware of her true identity 

A has-been idol and a young aspiring musician cross paths, leading to personal growth and musical collaboration 

Image: KBS2

The Best Hit 

Three friends form a girl group to achieve their dreams of becoming famous musicians while navigating the challenges of the entertainment industry 

Image: Mnet

Persevere, Goo Hae-Ra 

A drama about the lives and loves of classical musicians pursuing their dreams in a competitive world 

Do You Like Brahms? 

Image: SBS

This drama portrays the journey of young idols as they train, face challenges, and strive for success in the K-pop industry 

Image: SBS funE

The Idolmaster KR 


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