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july 08, 2024


10 K-dramas For Fashion Enthusiasts

Pujya Doss

Witness Kang Mi-rae's fashion metamorphosis from baggy ensembles to chic styles, as she boldly embraces her true beauty and sets trends ablaze, making it a must-watch for Trendy Fashion geeks

Image: JTBC

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Prepare for a sartorial extravaganza! Vice President Lee Young-joon's impeccable suits and Secretary Kim Mi-so's breathtaking elegant dresses offer a visual feast for Trendy Fashion geeks

Image: tvN

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

Delve into the stylish dichotomy of Sung Duk-mi's secret fangirl life and her chic professional image as an art curator, creating a hilarious and fashionable double life, perfect for Trendy Fashion geeks

Her Private Life

Image: tvN

Join aspiring actors and models navigating the cutthroat entertainment world, showcasing trendy streetwear and high-fashion looks that will captivate the hearts of Trendy Fashion geeks

Image: tvN

Record of Youth 

Immerse yourself in the competitive lives of fashion designers and models vying for success and love, surrounded by stunning outfits and runway shows, a true spectacle for Trendy Fashion geeks

My Runway

Image: MBC

Follow a diverse cast, from college students to entrepreneurs, as they effortlessly rock trendy casual wear and business attire, making "Start-Up" a go-to for Trendy Fashion geeks


Image: tvN

Step into a mesmerizing webtoon world where characters' attire reflects a fantastical yet stylish reality, providing a unique and visually appealing experience for Trendy Fashion geeks

W: Two Worlds

Image: MBC

Witness the romantic whirlwind and stylish evolution of a childhood friend from an "ugly duckling" to a fashion magazine editor, making it a charming pick for Trendy Fashion geeks

She Was Pretty

Image: MBC

Experience the fashionable off-duty looks and trendy casual wear of doctors in this slice-of-life drama, proving that even medical professionals can be stylish for Trendy Fashion geeks

Hospital Playlist 

Image: tvN

This heartwarming rom-com proves that strength, athleticism, and style can coexist seamlessly, making it an inspirational watch for Trendy Fashion geeks

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo 

Image: MBC


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