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Pujya Doss

JULY 06, 2024


10 K-dramas for study motivation

Image: tvN

Reply 1988

Nostalgic tale of five childhood friends navigating life, love, and family in 1980s Seoul.

High-pressure Korean society explored through the lives of four families and their children's pursuit of academic excellence.

Image: JTBC

SKY Castle

Two friends overcome societal pressures and self-doubt, pursuing their dreams in the world of taekwondo and broadcasting.

Image: KBS2

Fight for My Way 

College students grapple with anonymous love confessions, exploring themes of communication, identity, and finding your voice.

Image: KBS2

Dear M.

Aspiring lawyers with diverse backgrounds and motivations learn valuable lessons about justice, compassion, and fighting for what they believe in

Law School

Image: JTBC

High school drama of friendship, perseverance, and academic struggles. Encourages diligence

School 2017

Image: KBS2

Technology-driven story intertwining romance and ambition amidst school life. Motivates focus and goal-setting

Love Alarm

Image: Netflix

High school cheerleading squad faces academic and personal hurdles. Promotes teamwork and determination.

Sassy Go Go

Image: KBS2

Aspiring musicians pursue their dreams amidst school challenges. Inspires passion and hard work

Dream High

Image: KBS2

Behind-the-scenes look at variety show production, showcasing dedication and professionalism

The Producers

Image: KBS2


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