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Hrishitha das

may 26, 2024


10 K-dramas like See You in My 19th Life

The story follows an alien who reincarnates on Earth to find love across centuries with a famous actress

Image: SBS

My Love from the Star (2014):

In this show, a mermaid reincarnates as a human, as she searches across universes to reunite with her past love in modern times

Image: SBS

Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016):

A mythical goblin reincarnates through time in this iconic K-drama, searching for his bride to end his immortal life

Goblin (2016):

Image: tvN

The plot of the series follows three friends who reincarnate and get entangled in a mysterious past-life connection and a cursed typewriter

Chicago Typewriter (2017): 

Image: tvN

When Two souls reincarnate with transformed appearances, they start to solve crimes and seek justice

Abyss (2019): 

Image: tvN

The premise of the show surrounds ghosts who arrive at a mystical hotel to solve their unfinished business before moving on and reincarnating

Hotel Del Luna (2019): 

Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020):

A ghost, a human, and a demon reincarnate, running a bar that helps customers resolve past grudges

Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020): 

Image: Netflix


Image: tvN

Immortal Souls (2022): The story revolves around a cursed being who reincarnates repeatedly to fight evil across different lifetimes

After an employee at a company is betrayed and murdered, he gets reincarnated into the body of a chaebol heir

Reborn Rich (2023): 

Image: JTBC

As punishment for choosing death ahead of time, a man is punished to live different lives for survival

Death's Game (2024): 

Image: Prime Video


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