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june 06, 2024


10 K-dramas that made us believe in fairytale love 

A centuries-old goblin seeks love and redemption, entwined with a mortal woman's fate. A tale of magic and romance 

Image:  tvN


A mermaid returns to the modern world to find her love, with a conman caught in destiny's net

Image:  SBS

Legend of the Blue Sea 

An alien's enduring love for a famous actress spans centuries, as they navigate life's challenges together

My Love from the Star 

Image:  SBS

Reality and a webtoon world collide when a surgeon meets the hero from her father's comic book

W: Two Worlds 

Image:  MBC

Dreams foretell the future for a prosecutor and a journalist, weaving romance amid changing destinies

While You Were Sleeping 

Image:  SBS

A modern woman is transported to the Goryeo Dynasty, encountering love, rivalry, and royalty

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

Image:  SBS

A cursed hotel for ghosts and a kind-hearted hotelier set the stage for supernatural love stories

Hotel Del Luna 

Image:  tvN

Parallel worlds collide when a king and a detective find love and intrigue transcending dimensions

The King: Eternal Monarch 

Image:  SBS

A woman who has only 100 days to live makes a deal with a deity who can grant wishes, but the deal comes with a deadly price

Doom at Your Service

Image:  tvN

A college student accidentally swallows the marble of a 999-year-old male gumiho, and the two must cohabit until she finds a way to get the marble back

My Roommate Is a Gumiho 

Image:  tvN


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