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june 03, 2024


10 K-dramas that will leave you wanting for more

Pujya Doss

A South Korean heiress accidentally paraglides into North Korea and meets a North Korean soldier, leading to a cross-border love story filled with humor, suspense, and heartwarming moments

Image: tvN

Crash Landing on You

This fantasy romance centers on an immortal goblin and his search for a bride who can end his immortality curse, while also exploring the lives of supernatural beings and their human connections

Image: tvN


After getting expelled from school, a young man opens a restaurant and seeks revenge on a powerful corporation. The drama follows his journey to success, friendship, and love

Itaewon Class

Image: JTBC

A narcissistic vice president and his highly competent secretary discover their true feelings for each other as they navigate workplace challenges and personal growth

Image: tvN

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

This romance-action drama follows the love story between a soldier and a doctor as they navigate dangerous missions, making personal sacrifices for their professions and relationships

Descendants of the Sun

Image: KBS2

Combining elements of romance and fantasy, this series blurs the lines between reality and a webtoon as the protagonist becomes entangled with the characters of a comic world

Search: WWW

Image: MBC

This unique drama explores mental health and relationships, following the interactions between a psychiatric hospital caregiver and an anti-social children's book author

It's Okay to Not to Be Okay

Image: tvN

A young woman with superhuman strength becomes a bodyguard for a CEO, leading to comedic situations and an adorable romance

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Image: JTBC

Set in a supernatural hotel for ghosts, this drama follows the interactions between the hotel's staff and guests, exploring themes of life, death, and redemption

Hotel Del Luna 

Image: tvN

Inspired by the life of real-life Olympic weightlifter Jang Mi-ran, this heartwarming drama depicts the journey of a young woman pursuing her athletic dreams while navigating love and friendships

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Image: MBC 


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