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june 02, 2024


10 K-dramas to make you laugh

Tanya Saxena

This comedy family drama will take you on a fun journey where a group of childhood friends now adults try to navigate love, life, and the future just like their parents 

Image: tvN

Reply 1988

Get ready to laugh heartily with this K-drama where three clueless men open a guesthouse and one day end up finding a baby there, what unfolds later will knock your socks off

Image: Netflix 

 Welcome to Waikiki 1 & 2

This one will take you back to Joseon when a man who time travels into the body of a queen, you can expect whatever lies ahead to be funny on a royal level

 Mr. Queen 

Image: Netflix

Indulge in a fun mix-up story when a girl trying to help her best friend ends up going on a blind date with the CEO of her company who then asks her to act like her girlfriend

Image: Netflix 

 Business Proposal 

Suspicious Partner is a legal drama with major comedy scenes that will make you laugh, mainly the lead characters who are a misfit and a cute couple are a funny duo

Suspicious Partner 

Image: Netflix

Fight For My Way has your iconic aegyos, absurd situations, and laughable moments to brighten your day as four friends chase their dreams in their own distinguished way

 Fight For My Way

Image: Netflix

Follow a duo who are neighbors and have almost given up on their lives, but they also share a therapist and seem to be coming in each other’s way in the most eccentric ways

Mad For Each Other

Image: Netflix 

In this rom-com, the female lead is here to make you laugh with her extremities and habits combined with her special tuning with her alien partner

 My Love From The Star

Image: SBS

Indulge in a hate-to-love relationship between a lawyer and an actor who like to get on each other’s nerves and will make you laugh

 Love To Hate You

Image: Netflix

The name has melodrama in it which this time equals unending fun, a story where three 30-year-old women who are friends navigate life in their own quirky way 

 Be Melodramatic 

Image: JTBC


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