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july 06, 2024


10 K-dramas to watch with Kids

Pujya Doss

Join an unconventional family's heartwarming journey through life's ups and downs, discovering the true essence of love and acceptance

Image: KBS2

Father Is Strange

Amid everyday chaos, a single father and a mysterious woman find unexpected romance, challenging norms and redefining family

Image: KBS2

Unexpected You

Laugh along with a quirky family as they tackle life's challenges with humor, heart, and an unbreakable bond

What's with This Family?

Image: KBS2

Witness a single mother and three adopted siblings forge an unlikely marriage, creating a new family filled with love and surprises

Image: TV Chosun

Marry Me Now

Explore the resilience of a family facing hardship, drawing strength from their unbreakable bond and finding hope amidst adversity

Wonderful Days

Image: KBS2

Unravel a tragic accident's mysteries, leading to unexpected romance and a healing journey of self-discovery

Angel Eyes 

Image: SBS

Experience the joys and challenges of raising five adopted children as a single father, forming a unique and loving family

Five Children

Image: SBS

Explore modern family dynamics, confronting societal expectations, personal ambitions, and the delicate balance between individual dreams and family harmony

My Unfamiliar Family

Image: tvN

Delve into the powerful story of a single mother's unwavering love, facing life's obstacles with courage and unwavering devotion to her child's happiness

All About My Mom

Image: KBS2

Journey through three families' trials and triumphs, navigating love, loss, and second chances, discovering the enduring power of family bonds

Once Again

Image: KBS2


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