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Pujya Doss

june 25, 2024


10 K-dramas with unhappy endings

A Korean-American man returns to Korea during the Japanese-dominated era and falls in love with a noblewoman

Image: tvN

Mr. Sunshine

A woman dies and becomes a ghost. She is given a chance to return to the living world for 49 days to reunite with her daughter

Image: tvN

Hi Bye, Mama!

A woman is haunted by her past and falls in love with a man who may or may not be a murderer

Image: tvN

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Two childhood friends fall in love but are separated by circumstances. They meet again years later as adults, but their relationship is complicated by their past

Image: KBS2 

Uncontrollably Fond

A modern-day Korean emperor travels to a parallel universe where Korea is still a monarchy. He falls in love with a police detective in the parallel universe, but their relationship is forbidden

The King: Eternal Monarch

Image: SBS 

A young woman's family gets involved with a religious cult, and her friends must rescue her from their clutches. It is aired on OCN.

Save Me

Image: OCN

A prosecutor and a police detective team up to investigate a series of murders They uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens their lives and the lives of those they love

Secret Forest

Image: tvN

Four wealthy families compete to get their children into the best universities. The competition takes a dark turn when one of the children commits suicide

Sky Castle

Image: JTBC

A man with an antisocial personality disorder and a woman with borderline personality disorder fall in love and help each other heal

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Image: tvN

Three friends who are about to turn 40 face challenges in their careers, relationships, and health


Image: JTBC


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