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june 09, 2024


 10 K-pop songs about friendship

 Moupriya Banerjee

This iconic BLACKPINK song captures the essence of everlasting friendship with its energetic beats and catchy chorus

Image: YG Entertainment

Forever Young by BLACKPINK

Based on the tragic Seoul ferry incident, this BTS song is all about missing your friends and loved ones

Image: JTBC

 Spring Day by BTS

Through this heartfelt song, iKON celebrates friendship and inseparable bonds

 Best Friend by iKON

Image: tvN

The megastar group's heartfelt song stands as a comforting reminder of the unbreakable bond of friendship, promising to stay by each other's side till the very end

Image: SBS

 You Never Walk Alone by BTS

With catchy hooks, heart-touching lyrics, and soulful beats, this BTOB song will instantly uplift your best friend’s soul

 Friend by BTOB

Image: tvN

SEVENTEEN beautifully captures the essence of unbreakable friendship with their enchanting melodies and flawless lyrics in this song, which truly embodies the essence of deep connection

 Lean on Me by SEVENTEEN

Image: Netflix

Share this song with your best friend, when they are feeling down and TWICE will be sure to make them feel special

 Feel Special by TWICE

Image: SBS

It’s a gratitude-filled song by the talented group, expressing the members’ thankfulness, for they stand by each other through thick and thin


Image: Netflix

The trailblazer group sings an anthem for unity, loyalty, and camaraderie through powerful lyrics

 We Belong Together by BIGBANG

Image: SBS

This cheerful track encapsulates the true meaning of friendship through melodies that melt your heart

Love Whisper by GFRIEND

Image: Netflix


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