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june 16, 2024


10 Korean sci-fi like The Silent Sea

Moupriya Banerjee

Starring Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, and more, this sci-fi depicts the story of a few space junk collectors who transform into warriors while protecting a mutated child

Image: Netflix

Space Sweepers

When a woman’s boyfriend goes missing, she teams up with a UFO enthusiast to find her man but soon stumbles upon a bunch of other mysteries

Image: Netflix


Inspired by Pokémon Go!, this drama depicts a story of a unique world where the line between past and present blur out with a futuristic twist

Memories of the Alhambra

Image: tvN

When an accident turns a young woman into a hopeless half-human and half-spirit, he starts working with grip reapers, finding inspiration to live along the way

Image: MBC


A bunch of modern-day detectives contact a policeman from decades ago through a mysterious walkie-talkie in order to solve unsolved crimes


Image: tvN

In a futuristic Korea, a ‘black knight’ delivers oxygen tanks to citizens in need of it, while ruthlessly encountering vicious criminals along the way

Black Knight

Image: Netflix

A woman claiming to be from the future tries to stop a scientist looking for clues about his brother’s death, with a warning that his inventions will lead to nuclear war

Sisyphus: The Myth

Image: JTBC

When a brain scientist loses his whole family in a mysterious accident, he sets to invent a technology that will give him access to their memories and clues

Dr. Brain

Image: Apple TV

A senior employee in an AI-powered company inserts a secret chip in refrigerators that scans the visitors’ faces 

Please Don’t Date Him

Image: MBC

When a chaebol heir falls into a coma after getting brutally assaulted, his mom decides to clone him with a robot to protect the fortune

Are You Human?

Image: KBS2


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