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 Priyanshi Shah


JUNE 29, 2024

10 must-watch motivational anime movies

Taeko Okajima revisits his childhood memories, reflecting on life’s little tragedies, and finding emotional clarity

Only Yesterday

Image: IMDb

Shoya, a former bully seeks redemption after harming Shoko, a deaf girl, delivering a powerful anti-bullying message

Image: IMDb

A Silent Voice

Luffy, a teenage pirate, embarks on an epic journey to become the Pirate King, focusing on pursuing dreams no matter how impossible they seem

Image: IMDb

One Piece Film: RED

Mokoto discovers her ability to time travel and learns valuable life lessons about choice and importance of time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Image: IMDb

Three homeless people find an abandoned baby on Christmas Eve and set out to find its parents, highlighting the impact of kindness

Tokyo Godfathers

Image: IMDb

Momo, haunted by memories of her father, is aided by three imps who help her heal, emphasizing recovery and connection

A Letter to Momo

Image: IMDb

Hana, a single mother of half-wolf children, struggles to provide for her family, celebrating familial love

Wolf Children

Image: IMDb

Seito and his sister Setsuko make efforts to survive post-World War II Japan, portraying the harsh realities of war

Grave of the Fireflies

Image: IMDb

 Ashitaka’s quest for a curse cure leads him into a battle between forest spirits, and a mining company, addressing environmental conflict

Princess Mononoke

Image: IMDb

Miyo Sasaki transforms into a cat to escape her life and be close to her crush, eventually realizing the value of her human relationships

A Whisker Away

Image: IMDb

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