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july 06, 2024


10 Mystery K-dramas To Watch

Pujya Doss

Amidst a society obsessed with emotions, a prosecutor with none and a passionate detective team up to unravel a web of mysterious murders

Image: tvN


Bound by a mysterious walkie-talkie, a cold case detective from the present links up with a detective in the past to rewrite the course of justice

Image: tvN


A man accused of murdering his wife and daughter wakes up from a coma with amnesia, racing against time to uncover the truth and clear his name


Image: SBS

A team of special police officers, each possessing unique abilities, delve into a string of bizarre murders, confronting their own inner demons in the process

Image: tvN


In a mysterious village where the living and the dead coexist, a group of people with the uncanny ability to see the spirits of the missing embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind their disappearances

Missing: The Other Side

Image: OCN

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, a troubled detective pursues a relentless hunt for a serial child abductor, determined to bring justice to the innocent

Nobody Knows

Image: SBS

Seeking a cure for her daughter's mysterious illness, a desperate woman turns to a religious cult, only to discover a sinister truth that threatens to consume her

Save Me

Image: OCN

A woman who can see the future in her dreams and a prosecutor who believes in justice join forces to prevent crimes before they happen, their destinies intertwined in a web of fate

While You Were Sleeping 

Image: SBS

Within the confines of a sharehouse, five college students find their lives entangled in a murder mystery, facing the challenges of friendship, love, and self-discovery amidst a web of secrets

Age of Youth

Image: JTBC

An unstoppable force of nature, a voice profiler with perfect memory and a detective with an unwavering sense of justice team up to unravel a series of heinous murders, their voices echoing through the city in pursuit of truth


Image: OCN


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