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Pujya Doss

JULY 05, 2024


10 reasons to watch Zombie K-drama Happiness

Image credits: tvN

Fresh Take on Zombies: 

This isn't your typical rotting corpse apocalypse. Happiness offers a unique twist on the classic zombie with a faster, rage-filled virus

The show explores human behavior during crisis. It dives into themes of social class, trust, and what happens when people fight for survival

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Social Commentary with Bite:

Trapped in a high-rise with zombies, the main characters find an unexpected spark. Watch their relationship develop amidst the chaos

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A Slow Burn Romance:

Get ready for intense fight scenes and nail-biting escapes as the characters try to survive the zombie outbreak

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Action-Packed Thrills: 

Happiness isn't just about zombies. It features a well-developed cast with relatable struggles and tough choices

Compelling Characters: 

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Where did the virus come from? The show keeps you guessing as the characters try to uncover the truth

Mystery to Unravel:

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Happiness offers moments of humor and heartwarming connections to balance out the intense situations

More Than Just Scares:

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From the high-rise apartments to the desperate escapes, the cinematography is impressive and keeps you engaged

Visually Stunning:

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The lead actors deliver fantastic performances, bringing depth and emotion to their characters

Great Performances:

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Each episode ends leaving you wanting more. You'll be racing to hit play on the next one

Thrilling Cliffhangers:

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