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Pujya Doss

JULY 01, 2024


10 Revenge K-dramas you can’t miss

A man betrayed by his lover seeks revenge, but finds love and redemption along the way

Image:  KBS2

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy)

A woman takes the fall for her lover's crime, seeking vengeance against those who wronged her

Image:  KBS2

Secret Love

A skilled agent seeks revenge for his father's death while uncovering political corruption

Image:  SBS

City Hunter

A bodyguard takes revenge on those who betrayed him while protecting a presidential candidate's daughter

Image:  tvN

The K2

A high school girl uses a mysterious app to exact revenge on her bullies, learning lessons about justice and consequences

Revenge Note

Image:  Oksusu

A young man plans to seduce and ruin an innocent woman to avenge his family's betrayal

Tempted (The Great Seducer)

Image:  MBC

A young man with the ability to read minds teams up with a public defender to seek justice and revenge

I Hear Your Voice

Image:  SBS

A man born out of wedlock plots revenge against his father's legitimate family through cunning and manipulation

Money Flower

Image:  MBC

In a dystopian Korea, a judge turns court trials into reality shows to expose corruption and seek revenge

The Devil Judge

Image:  tvN

After losing her wealth and status, a woman seeks revenge against those who caused her downfall

Woman of Dignity

Image:  JTBC


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