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may 15, 2024


10 Sad romance K-dramas you can't miss

Pujya Doss

Image: tvN


This supernatural romance weaves a tale of an immortal goblin and a young woman whose destiny is intertwined with his. A melancholic journey filled with love, sacrifice, and secrets unfolds

In this heart-wrenching drama, a top actor with a terminal illness reunites with his first love, a documentary producer. Together, they must confront their past and the harsh realities of their present

Image: KBS2

Uncontrollably Fond

Time-traveling takes center stage as a modern-day woman finds herself in the body of a Goryeo princess. Her journey through love and loss in a different era will tug at your heartstrings

Image: SBS

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

A quirky angel is given a mission to help a cold-hearted ballerina find love, but as he gets entangled in her world, their bittersweet love story unfolds

Image: KBS2

Angel's Last Mission: Love

This touching drama follows a ghost who's given a second chance at life to be with her family once more. A tale of love, loss, and the afterlife

Image: tvN

Hi Bye, Mama!

An intense and mature love story blooms between a woman in her 30s and her best friend's younger brother. It's a journey of forbidden love and societal pressures

Image: JTBC

Something in the Rain

This series delves into the lives of people with mental health issues. The complex romance between a successful author and a psychiatrist is both heartrending and heartwarming

It's Okay, That's Love

Image: SBS

A struggling woman forms an unlikely bond with a much older man, and their platonic relationship becomes a source of solace and support amidst life's hardships

Image: tvN

My Mister

Insecure about her appearance, a student uses make-up to conceal her blemishes. However, she soon befriends a boy who sees her for her true self

True Beauty

Image: tvN

This emotional drama follows two individuals who are survivors of a tragic building collapse. As they work through their past traumas and pain, their relationship deepens, offering a bittersweet healing journey

Just Between Lovers

Image: JTBC


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