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Sanjukta Choudhury 


july 07, 2024

10 Shows to Watch If You Love F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

A show with similar friend group dynamics set in New York City, "How I Met Your Mother" offers a mix of humor and heartfelt moments

 How I Met Your Mother

Image Source: IMDb

"The Big Bang Theory" features an ensemble cast with strong friendships, geeky humor, and a focus on both personal and professional lives

The Big Bang Theory

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"Scrubs" portrays a tight-knit group of friends and colleagues, blending comedy and drama while showcasing character development over time


Image Source: IMDb

"New Girl" follows a quirky group of friends living together, exploring romantic and platonic relationships with witty and light-hearted humor

New Girl

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"Parks and Recreation" is an ensemble comedy with heartwarming moments, unique and lovable characters, and themes of workplace and friendship

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 Parks and Recreation

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" features strong friendships among colleagues, quick-witted humor, and a balance of comedy with serious moments

 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image Source: IMDb

"Will & Grace" showcases iconic friendships and comedy, set in New York City, with a blend of humor and emotional depth

Will & Grace

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"That '70s Show" is about a group of friends hanging out and growing up, offering a nostalgic and humorous look at strong character bonds

 That '70s Show

Image Source: IMDb

 Cougar Town

Image Source: IMDb

"Cougar Town" focuses on a close-knit group of friends, blending comedy with sentimental moments and emphasizing strong character relationships

"Community" follows a diverse group of friends in a school setting, known for its creative and meta humor, and emphasis on friendship and personal growth


Image Source: IMDb

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