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Pujya Doss

june 26, 2024


10 Stray Kids songs you can’t miss

Stray Kids' signature dish, a delectable hip-hop feast with a side of fierce rap and powerful vocals.

Image: JYP Entertainments

God's Menu

A mesmerizing journey through Stray Kids' inner world, guided by their captivating melodies and dynamic beats.

Image: JYP Entertainments


A wild and exhilarating ride with Stray Kids, as they break free from convention and embrace their unique sound.

Image: JYP Entertainments

Back Door 

A thunderous ode to Korean culture and tradition, infused with Stray Kids' signature energy and creativity

Image: JYP Entertainments


A chaotic and thrilling exploration of the human psyche, set to Stray Kids' most experimental and ambitious sound yet


Image: JYP Entertainments

A suspenseful and mysterious hip-hop track, with Stray Kids unraveling a puzzling case with their sharp lyrics and intricate beats

Case 143 

Image: JYP Entertainments

A dystopian and rebellious anthem, with Stray Kids fighting against the system and finding their own path

District 9 

Image: JYP Entertainments

A time-traveling adventure with Stray Kids, as they explore different eras and discover their true selves


Image: JYP Entertainments

A passionate and seductive track, with Stray Kids showcasing their versatility and range as performers

Red Lights 

Image: JYP Entertainments

A powerful and thought-provoking song, with Stray Kids challenging societal norms and embracing their individuality

Social Path 

Image: JYP Entertainments


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