Lesser-known facts about

Katrina Kaif

JULY 05, 2021

1. Katrina was born in Hong Kong and is of half British and half Kashmiri descent

2. She comes from a large family of 6 sisters and 1 brother

3. Not many know that Katrina has been supporting girl children’s’ education for years and she frequently donates part of her earnings to a school in Tamil Nadu

4. She has been home-schooled by her mother since a young age

5. She has been modelling since her teenage years

6. The beauty teamed up with the music maestro A R Rahman to release a music album named Rhymeskool. She raised money for a school in Madurai with this project

7. Even after working in Bollywood for decades, Katrina still works on an employment visa

8. She was the first Indian actress that had a Barbie doll modelled after her

9. Her mother works with international NGOs and because of this Katrina has travelled all over the world to countries such as China, Switzerland, Japan and many more

10. Her hobbies include painting and she is also fond of playing chess

11. She is reportedly very scared of the dark

12. She is also a music lover and lists bands such as Coldplay, Muse, and Radiohead as her favourites

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