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Prince Charles' coronation

Surabhi Redkar

SEPT 11, 2022


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Queen Elizabeth Demise

Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, 2022 following which Prince Charles automatically ascended the throne and received his new title of King Charles III

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Operation Golden Orb

As per Daily Mail, King Charles' coronation plans have already been available in binders of paperwork and the ceremony has been code-named Operation Golden Orb

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Ceremony Details

The Royal family's website mentions that the coronation ceremony “has remained essentially the same over a thousand years"

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King Charles' coronation ceremony will reportedly take place at Westminster Abbey in London, given the history of coronation ceremonies held there

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Like every royal family event, the Archbishop of Canterbury is expected to conduct the ceremony whenever King Charles officially takes the throne

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The Chair

King Charles will be sitting on King Edward’s chair during the ceremony. The wooden chair is reportedly as old as from the year 1296

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While the new title is already in place for King Charles, the coronation ceremony will reportedly not happen for months and is not immediate after the Queen's passing

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Queen Consort

Duchess Camilla will also be crowned as the Queen Consort during King Charles' coronation ceremony

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The coronation ceremony will be attended by all senior members of the royal family as well as reps from the Houses of Parliament

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Balcony Appearance

Following the coronation ceremony, King Charles will be expected to make an appearance at the Buckingham Palace balcony

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