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june 01, 2024


Best Kim Hye Yoon cameos to check out

In this medical-themed drama, Kim Hye Yoon makes a cameo appearance as a high school student

Image Credits- SBS

The Doctors

In Cinderella and Four Knights, Kim Hye Yoon makes a brief appearance as a convenience store cashier in episode 2

Image Credits-tvN

Cinderella and Four Knights

Here, she portrays Song Yeon Ah, a recurring student character who appears in multiple episodes

Shopping King Louis

Image Credits- MBC

In The Legend of the Blue Sea, she takes on the role of Jang Jin Ok, the daughter of the CEO of Myeongdong Capital.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Image Credits- SBS

In episode 15 of the series, Kim Hye Yoon appears, portraying the younger version of an elderly widow


Image Credits-tvN

In this role, Kim Hye Yoon portrays young Kim Young Ja, the fifth victim who remains alive at this point, later changing her name to Kim Jeong Hye


Image Credits- OCN

Kim Hye Yoon took on the role of Joo Hyun, a young woman actively searching for employment who frequently visited the convenience store where Eo Yong Mi worked

Cleaning Up

Image Credits- JTBC

Kim Hye Yoon reprises her role as Eun Dan Oh from Extraordinary You in True Beauty, where she is on a date with Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook)

True Beauty

Image Credits- tvN

Kim Hye Yoon made a cameo in the first episode as makeup artist Lee Bo Ra. Additionally, her co-star from Lovely Runner, Byeon Woo Seok, was one of the leads in Record of Youth

Record of Youth

Image Credits- tvN

Kim Hye Yoon portrays Seo Hyun Ah, an announcer for the broadcasting club at Seo Yeon High School

Live On

Image Credits- JTBC


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