Nov 14, 2021


Bollywood movies to watch with your kid 

Author: Rishika Shah 

This film is about a school teacher, who forces children to share their food with him and forbids one from entering the school until he brings his own tiffin or lunchbox

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1. Stanley Ka Dabba 

The story revolves around two sisters who live in a village where legend has it that a 100-year-old witch lives in an abandoned mansion on the outskirts and that any person who goes inside is turned into an animal

2. Makdee

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Iqbal, the deaf and mute son of a farmer, has a passion for the game of cricket and seeks the tutelage of a washed-up, alcoholic ex-player

3. Iqbal

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4. Chillar Party 

A gang of innocent but feisty kids, who lead carefree lives in Chandan Nagar colony, take on the big bad world of politics when one of their friend's life is endangered

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The story is about a little girl, whose life takes a turn in a twinkle of an eye, after the disappearance of her 7-year-old brother. She sets off on a mission to find him at all costs

5. Jhalki 

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An intelligent boy struggles to pursue his dreams and surpass the boundaries of poverty after he befriends the son of a once noble family and is inspired by the life of India's former President, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

6. I Am Kalam 

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Devendra Kumar's family life is disrupted when he discovers he has an illegitimate child from a past affair. He brings the young boy, Rahul, home, but his wife, Indu, fails to accept his child

7. Masoom

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Believing actor and goodwill ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan, can help her brother get an operation to restore his sight, a 10-year-old girl takes her blind 8-year old sibling on a trek across Rajasthan in search of the superstar

8. Dhanak

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Ishaan is criticised by his father for his poor academic performance and is sent away to a boarding school. Ram, an art teacher, however, realises he has dyslexia and helps him uncover his potential

9. Taare Zameen Par

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Moving into a new house, a family witnesses an unfriendly ghost who wants to drive them away from the house. However, he befriends a little boy, who changes his outlook forever

10. Bhootnath

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