Nov 13, 2021


Celebs who have gotten a nose job

Author: Rishika Shah 

Lisa Kudrow from Friends had her nose job done when she was in high school. She called it life-altering and it gave her a boost of confidence

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Lisa Kudrow 

Kaley Cuoco admitted in 2016 that she had a nose job and later, her boobs done too. She stated that it is okay to want to look good and you should do it only for yourself

Kaley Cuoco

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Ashley Tisdale had surgery on her nose to correct a deviated septum. Ashley said that she does not believe in plastic surgery but had to do it for her health

Ashley Tisdale

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Kathy Griffin mentioned that she had a nose job done due to pressure. She had to deal with major insecurities

Kathy Griffin

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Tyra Banks had a nose job early in her modeling career. She had bones in her nose that were growing and itching and hence, had to get it done

Tyra Banks

Credit: Tyra Banks Instagram

Khloé Kardashian slammed the rumours of her having a face transplant and admitted to just getting her nose done

Khloé Kardashian

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Jennifer Grey regretted having a nose job deviated septum surgery for medical reasons

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer regretted having a nose job in 1989 after the huge success of her film, Dirty Dancing .She had a horrible nose job done and said that she will always be this once-famous actressnobody recognises because of her nose job

Jennifer Grey

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Teresa Giudice recently admitted that she did get the tip of her nose done and was so nervous about getting it

Teresa Giudice

Image: Teresa Giudice Instagram

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