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Dia Mirza's

love for nature

Shefali Fernandes

SEPT 17, 2022


Image: Dia Mirza Instagram

Magical Mountains

Dia took this photo while she was shooting for her upcoming film in the beautiful valley of Ladakh

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

So peaceful

She enjoys her time in the lapse of nature as she meditates

Video: Dia Mirza Insatgram


We cannot decide who is cuter- Dia Mirza or the little lamb!

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

Happiest in the hills

This snap was taken when she went to Manali and was stunned by the beauty of nature

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

Beautiful sky

She looks the happiest when she spends her time in nature

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

That smile

Dia once said, ‘Wild makes her smile’ and this photo is proof of it

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

What a view

She often visits the woods to nurture and balance her mind

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

There is nothing like too much green and Dia proves it as she dons a green ensemble and poses in a garden

Go green

Image: Dia Mirza Insatgram

Cannot get enough

Dia always takes her time off to heal herself in the beauty of nature

Video: Dia Mirza Insatgram

Good vibes

This video of Dia playing with a calf is so wholesome

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