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Surabhi Redkar

SEPT 12, 2022


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Sofia Vergara

At the 2014 Emmys, Sofia Vergara was asked to stand on a revolving platform while  TV Academy CEO Bruce Rosenblum spoke about diversity, many called it a sexist skit

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Jon Hamm's Crawl

After receiving 16 Emmy nominations throughout his career, after Jon Hamm won his lead actor Emmy in 2015, the actor crawled on stage to get it and showcased his backside to the camera

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Heidi Klum's Fall

Heidi Klum hurt herself on the Emmys stage after co-host Tom Bergeron dropped her during an unrehearsed skit when he was supposed to hold her in his arms

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Cheer's Emmy Win

After Netflix's Cheer won an Emmy Award, its breakout star, Jerry Harris was charged with child pornography crimes less than 24 hours after receiving the top honour

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Sally Field's Speech

Sally Field left the audience confused during her Emmy acceptance speech as she seemingly made an anti-war-moms statement and was soon cut off by the music

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Helen Mirren's Acceptance Speech

Helen Mirren's words weren't bleeped out during the Emmys ceremony when she said, "My great triumph is not falling a** over tit as I came up those stairs" on stage

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Emmys Awards 2021 received a lot of criticism after all the 12 major acting awards in the best actor and supporting actor categories went to white actors

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Fire Extinguisher Fiasco

At Emmys 2020, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel's fire gag went terribly wrong after she was unable to extinguish the small blaze on stage

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was expected to earn her first Emmy nomination in 2022 for her performance in Only Murders in the Building and was badly snubbed for the same

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Dave Chappelle's Special

Dave Chappelle's comedy special despite receiving massive backlash from the trans community received
two Emmy nominations in 2022

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