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Female K-pop groups that deserved better 

Vedangi Joshi

mar 6, 2023


Image Credit: Music K Entertainment 

The Ark 

The group debuted in 2015 and disbanded within one year, the members of the group didn’t get much time to show their real talent or receive the love they deserved 

Image Credit: JYP Entertainment 

Miss A 

A popular group, they debuted in 2010 and were officially disbanded in 2017. Fans support the members in their solo activities but also wish for a comeback 

 Image Credit: PLEDIS Entertainment


The group was made up of ten members who debuted in 2016 and disbanded in 2019, PRISTIN was one of the groups that were capable of being popular globally   

Image Credit: PLEDIS Entertainment

After School

They made their debut in 2009 their last Korean release was in the year 2013 after that they shifted to Japan but the band is not officially disbanded with Nana as the last member left 

 Image Credit: CUBE Entertainment 


There are some reports that the members still wanted to be a group but their contract ended with CUBE Entertainment, which led to their disbandment

Image Credit: Polaris Entertainment 

Ladies’ Code 

After receiving love and support at the start of their career, a dangerous car accident changed things for them when two members passed away leading to decline in their popularity

Image Credit: RBW


The group debuted in 2007, and although their albums were received well by critics they were constantly compared to other groups active at the same time. Fortunately, they made a comeback in 2022!

Image Credit: YG Entertainment


At the peak of their careers, 2NE1 faced a scandal involving one of their members, post which the members started to focus more on solo careers with YG Entertainment announcing disbandment in 2016 

Image Credit: RBW


Even though they are such a talented group with a unique sound, they don’t get the credit they deserve but we will keep rooting for them

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