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Pujya Doss

FEBRUARY 07, 2024


Habits we adopted from Korean culture pt 2

Korean skincare emphasizes hydration and protection, promoting clear, radiant skin through gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and layering lightweight products like essences and serums.

Image: SBS 

Skin Care Rituals: 

Sharing meals fosters bonds, echoing Korean culture's emphasis on communal dining. Ssam involves wrapping ingredients in lettuce or perilla leaves, enhancing flavors and camaraderie.

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Eating Together (Ssam):

Rooted in Confucian values, hyung-nim embodies respect for elders, acknowledging their wisdom and experience while maintaining humility and courteous interactions in daily life.

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Respect for Elders (Hyung-nim): 

Embracing the art of dado, Koreans savor tea for relaxation and mindfulness. Beyond its health benefits, it fosters connections, offering moments of tranquility amidst busy schedules.

Tea Culture (Dado):

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Kimchi, a staple of Korean cuisine, symbolizes tradition and community. Kimjang involves families and neighbors coming together to prepare and preserve this flavorful, probiotic-rich dish.

Kimchi Making (Kimjang):

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Love for Rice (Bap):

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Rice, central to Korean cuisine, signifies sustenance and abundance. Cultivating a love for bap reflects appreciation for staple foods, fostering a sense of comfort and satiety.

Inspired by the Hannam-dong lifestyle, Koreans prioritize holistic wellness, balancing work with leisure and family time. Embracing downtime nurtures mental health and overall happiness.

Work-Life Balance (Hannam-dong): 

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Incorporating movement into daily life echoes the spirit of Taegeukgi-gi. From traditional martial arts to modern fitness trends, staying active promotes vitality and well-being.

Staying Active (Taegeukgi-gi): 

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Starting conversations with Annyeonghaseyo reflects warmth and courtesy. This simple greeting fosters positive interactions, acknowledging others with respect and consideration.

Mindful Greetings (Annyeonghaseyo): 

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Embracing jeongwon, Koreans celebrate each season's unique beauty and significance. From cherry blossoms in spring to snow festivals in winter, nature's cycles inspire joy and gratitude.

Celebrating Seasons (Jeongwon): 

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