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Hrishita Das

june 02, 2024


K-drama actors as Bridgerton characters 

Ji Chang Wook's charismatic presence makes him a perfect fit for the dashing and responsible eldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony

Image: tvN

Ji Chang Wook as Anthony Bridgerton:

YoonA’s elegance and strong screen presence align with Kate Sharma's spirited and independent nature

Image: JTBC

YoonA as Kate Sharma:

Known for her dynamic roles, Kim Hye Yoon can capture Eloise's intelligence and rebellious spirit effortlessly

Kim Hye Yoon as Eloise Bridgerton:

Image: tvN

Jang Ki Yong's charm and versatility are ideal for portraying the adventurous and romantic Colin

Jang Ki Yong as Colin Bridgerton:

Image: tvN

Chun Woo Hee’s grace and emotional depth make her an excellent choice for the enchanting Daphne

Chun Woo Hee as Daphne Bridgerton:

Image: tvN

Nam Joo Hyuk’s artistic flair and charisma are perfect for the creative and free-spirited Benedict

Nam Joo Hyuk as Benedict Bridgerton:

Image: tvN

Park Eun Bin's endearing presence suits the clever and secretly resilient Penelope Featherington

Park Eun Bin as Penelope Featherington:

Image: ENA

Lee Dong Wook’s intense and brooding demeanor is a great match for the enigmatic Duke, Simon Basset

Lee Dong Wook as Simon Basset:

Image: tvN

Shin Min Ah’s subtle beauty and charm are ideal for the often-overlooked but intriguing Francesca

Shin Min Ah as Francesca Bridgerton:

Image: tvN

Han So Hee’s ability to portray complex characters makes her a fitting choice for the ambitious and competitive Cressida Cowper

Han So Hee as Cressida Cowper:

Image: JTBC


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