Heading 3

K-drama sequels
in 2023

Ayushi Agrawal

jan 07, 2023


The team of doctors returns with a third season soon.

Dr. Romantic 3

Image: SBS

Image: tvN

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1983

Going back in time, Kim So Yeon joins the squad this time around.

Top 10 fashionable fits of Jun Ji Hyun

Recent viral on screen Korean couples

Image: Netflix

With Jung Hae In deciding to become a deserter himself, how will things change for him?

D.P. 2

Image: Netflix

A possible third season also in the same year may meet the fans.

Sweet Home 2

Image: tvN

A changed cast awaits in the next season of the show.

Arthdal Chronicles 2

Image: OCN

The Uncanny Counter 2

A new season full of evil spirits may await the counters once again!

A reversal of all that happened in the first season, what will happen to the believers of God?

Hellbound 2

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix

A new season has been announced where humans and hybrids may co-exist.

All of Us Are Dead 2

Image: News1

Strong Woman Kang Nam Soon

Essentially part 2 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, new faces await the fans in this one.

Image: Netflix

Squid Game 2

While it is known that the superhit series will return with another season, it is unknown when.

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