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K-drama villains
we respect

Ayushi Agrawal

Nov 13, 2022


Itaewon Class saw Ahn Bo Hyun become a puppet to Yoo Jae Myung’s character.

Ahn Bohyun

Image: News1

Image: News1

Lee Junho

He started off as a rival to Manager Kim and eventually made a team, our favourite on the list.

Image: News1

Turning around the narrative, the actor became the evil half-brother of Chicago Typewriter’s Yoo Ah In.

Kwak Si Yang

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It was a sight to behold as the charming actor became the villain in Duel.

Yang Se Jong

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The World of the Married saw Han So Hee being treated poorly, making us almost root for the character.

Han So Hee

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Moon Lovers was when Kang Ha Neul dipped into a negative role and developed feelings for IU’s character.

Kang Ha Neul

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Kim Min Jung

The Devil’s Judge was nothing if not for Seon Ah’s dedication.

Her acting and role in The K2 was meant to make people feel sorry for her character.

Song Yoon Ah

Image: News1

Image: News1

My ID is Gangnam Beauty, introduced us to jealousy turning evil through her character.

Jo Woori

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SKY Castle was all the more creepy thanks to her acting.

Kim Seo Hyung

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