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K-dramas about Korean beauty standards 

Vedangi Joshi

mar 2, 2023


Image Credit: tvN

True Beauty 

The story of a high school girl who is always worried about her appearance and learns the art of makeup, transferring herself into a beauty goddess   

Image Credit: MBC

She Was Pretty 

Sung Joon used to get bullied because of his looks and had no friends when he was young until popular and beautiful Hye Jin befriended him, things take a turn when they become adults

Image Credit: KakaoTV

Shadow Beauty

A high school student who gets bullied by her fellow classmates has a secret social media identity of a famous influencer Genie which gets revealed to a boy from her school 

Image Credit: JTBC 

Beauty Inside   

The story is of a top actress who suffers from an unusual condition in which her appearance changes into a different person every month and a man who is unable to recognise people’s faces

Image Credit: JTBC 

My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

The story revolves around a girl who gets teased due to her looks as a child, and decides to undergo plastic surgery and meets a boy who doesn’t judge people by their appearance 

Image Credit: SBS

Birth of a Beauty 

The story follows a wife who gets into a dangerous accident and is believed to be dead undergoes plastic surgery to take revenge on her husband who has cheated on her

Image Credit: KBS2

Oh My Venus 

A lawyer who gets dumped by her boyfriend after 15 years of relationship for gaining weight, takes the help of a personal trainer to start a new lifestyle 

Image Credit: Naver TV Cast

The Miracle

The story of twin sisters who have different lifestyles from each other, one day wake up with a mysterious body-swap 

Image Credit: KBS2 


The story is about a middle-aged housewife who gets cheated on by her husband and she receives a magical perfume which makes her look younger 

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