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june 28, 2024


K-dramas about romance with boss

Pujya Doss

An enchanting boss-employee drama where history precedes their workplace connection, adding a unique twist. Uncover their shared past in this heartwarming K-drama

Image: tvN

Romance Is A Bonus Book

Witness the brilliance and eccentricity of a CEO through the eyes of his steadfast secretary. Navigate the humor and complexity of office dynamics in this captivating K-drama

Image: KBS2

Crazy Love

Dive into this action-packed legal office romance where love blooms amidst murder accusations. Experience the thrill of romance and courtroom drama

Suspicious Partner

Image: SBS

Join Park Min-young in a career-driven romance as she navigates a boss-employee relationship. Explore the highs and lows of love in this captivating K-drama

Image: JTBC

Forecasting Love And Weather

Delve into this engaging K-drama where love unfolds amidst deception. Experience the protagonist's journey of falling for the boss in a tale of hidden identities

Business Proposal

Image: SBS

Embark on a supernatural journey as a young woman falls in love with her famous chef boss. Explore the mystical and romantic elements in this acclaimed K-drama

Oh My Ghost

Image: tvN

Witness the unexpected reunion of a one-night stand turned boss in this intriguing office romance. Navigate the complexities of love and secrecy in this K-drama 

My Secret Romance

Image: OCN

Experience the 2018 remake of a popular Japanese drama. Delve into the romantic tale of a wealthy man and the challenges that love presents

Rich Man

Image: MBN

Marvel at a family's unique strength in this K-drama about a young girl with superhuman abilities. Witness the unfolding romance amidst extraordinary circumstances

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

Image: JTBC

Uncover passion and steamy moments in this top-tier K-drama about falling in love with the boss. Join the romantic journey at the pinnacle of office dramas 

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

Image: tvN


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