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 K-dramas about
 young love 

Vedangi Joshi

mar 14, 2023


 Image Credit: SBS

The Heirs

Two young high schoolers, both from different family backgrounds face all the troubles to keep their relationship safe 

Image Credit: JTBC

At Eighteen 

A young boy who always finds it tough to express himself and has gotten used to being lonely transfers to a new school where he meets his first love and starts feeling changes in his life 

 Image Credit: JTBC

My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

After being bullied in school Kang Mi Rae decides to undergo plastic surgery but comes across Do Kyung Seok who believes in inner beauty

 Image Credit: Netflix 

 Love Alarm 

The story is based around a cell phone app which rings if someone who likes you is within 10 metres distance of you, creating an interesting set-up for the leads

 Image Credit: MBC

Extraordinary You

A high school girl who finds out that she is a character from a comic book and is not even a main character decides to change her story by finding her true love 

 Image Credit: tvN

True Beauty 

The story revolves around a high school student who has a complex about her looks from her childhood, learns excellent make-up skills to look pretty, and somehow ends up in a love triangle 

Image Credit: KBS2

Boys Over Flowers 

A girl from a poor family gets the chance to be admitted to a private high school for rich kids, there she comes across F4 a group of four good-looking boys and ends up falling for one of them 

 Image Credit: KBS2 

Cheer Up! 

The story is of an unpopular dance group and an elite high school student who are forced to join forces, in order to enter a cheerleading competition 

 Image Credit: MBC

Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo     

This drama tells the story of college athletes, who are fighting to fulfil their dream and finding love during the process 

 Image Credit: KBS2 

Dream High 

Dream High tells the story of a group of high school individuals who enrol in a popular art school with the dream of becoming an idol and end up finding love

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