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K-dramas based on otherworldly creatures

Vedangi Joshi

mar 17, 2023


Image Credit: SBS

 My Love From the Star 

The story is of an alien who is living a human life on earth for the past 400 years and falls in love with a young actress 

Image Credit: tvN

 Oh My Ghostess 

The story follows a girl who has low self-esteem and is shy, and gets possessed by the ghost of a young woman whose last wish was to hook up with her boss 

Image Credit: MBC 

Scholar Who Walks the Night

The story revolves around girl who is from a good family, and dresses up as a man to sell books, she falls in love with a boy who turns out to be a vampire 

 Image Credit: SBS 

The Legend of the Blue Sea

The story of a fisherman who is from a noble family who suddenly finds a mermaid one day and they fall in love with each other 

Image Credit: tvN


The story is about an immortal goblin searching for his one true love, because only she can relieve him from the sword piercing his heart 

Image Credit: tvN

My Roommate is a Gumiho 

A 999-year-old nine-tailed fox who works as a professor ends up living with a university student who has never had a boyfriend 

Image Credit: tvN

Doom at your Service 

It is the story of a woman who has a brain tumour and has less than 100 days to live, wishes for the world to end and comes across a supernatural creature who lives with her throughout her last days 

Image Credit: KBS2


The story of a doctor who saves patients' lives, but he is a vampire who craves blood every time 

 Image Credit: SBS

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

The story is of a college student who accidentally releases a legendary fox who was sealed in a painting 

 Image Credit: tvN 

 Hotel Del Luna 

The story is based in an old hotel that is located in downtown Seoul, which has weird and spooky experiences

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