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K-dramas based on true friendship 

Vedangi Joshi

jan 21, 2023


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Reply 1988

Centred around 5 friends who grow up in the same neighbourhood and their families, their unbreakable bond makes us nostalgic

A pill for laughter, the story is about three young men who handle a guesthouse to make their own film

Welcome to Waikiki

 Image Credit : JTBC

Top 10 looks of Im Soo Hyang

K-pop female idols famous for their beauty

Image Credit: KBS2

Hwarang is a group of elite men living in the Silla kingdom and their passion, friendship and love are beautifully shown in this K-drama

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Image Credit: Netflix

Students get stuck inside their school because of a zombie outbreak showing love and care for their friends in such a dire situation

All of Us Are Dead   

Image  Credit : TVING 

Pretty women in their thirties meet each other at the end of their busy working day to have a drink and 

Work Later, Drink Now

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Chicago Typewriter

After being reincarnated, three friends channel through their struggles to figure out the truths of their past.

It’s about a trio of three best friends being there for each through thick and thin in their lives


Image Credit : JTBC

Image Credit : JTBC

Hello, My Twenties!

Five college students live together under the same roof to build a strong and beautiful bond 

 Image Credit: tvN 

Five friends since undergrad school, end up in the same hospital and even after years of friendship their bond does not change

 Hospital Playlist 

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