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june 02, 2024


K-dramas Like Fight for My Way

Tanya Saxena

This old-school romance will take you on a fun ride where a poor girl ends up falling for a rich guy who likes to manipulate people who set him off

Image: tvN

 Cheese in The Trap 

In My Strange Hero, you will find a hero who will rewrite his story and take back what was once snatched from him by his perpetrators

Image: SBS

 My Strange Hero

Indulge in another fun and dynamic romance between two lawyers who at first don’t fit well together but soon end up falling madly in love with each other 

 Suspicious Partner 

Image: Netflix

Talk about underdogs making a comeback stronger and how can you miss Weak Hero Class 1 where a student decides to never back down from bullies, but rather take them face-on

Image: Wavve

 Weak Hero Class 1

Indulge into a sweet love story between a special woman who can talk to the dead and helps them and a hardworking man who works in an errand company to earn his way 

 May I Help You?

Image: Prime Video

Follow Kim Bok Joo on her journey of becoming a top weightlifter who on the way finds love and support from her childhood friend 

 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Image: MBC

See how a software developer who has cut off himself from dating due to a bad past and an audio engineer who does not have a home or a family get together to heal and learn to live

 A Piece of Your Mind

Image: tvN

Follow a girl who is burdened with bullying and goes through plastic surgery to fit beauty standards and her childhood friend who recognizes her even after she looks totally different and supports her

My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

Image: JTBC

Two childhood friends Kim Hye Jin and Ji Sung Joon meet again after 15 years but he does not recognize her and continues belittling her for her clumsy ways and looks soon it will all change 

She Was Pretty

Image: Netflix

This heartfelt K-drama will make you cry, smile, and laugh as a group of childhood friends navigate through life and love together as do their parents

 Reply 1988

Image: tvN


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