Heading 3

K-dramas that feel
like a warm hug

Ayushi Agrawal

Nov 25, 2022


A track athlete and a translator’s love story, you can definitely find more than a few beautiful dialogues.

Run On

Image: JTBC

Image: MBC 

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Their bickering and all their support for each other are a delight to watch.

Image: tvN

The dimple couple brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Image: Kakao TV

Adapted from a Chinese show of the same name, this one feels like home.

A Love So Beautiful

Image: tvN

It started out like a breath of fresh air and was a very well-made show.

Twenty Five, Twenty One

Image: SBS

The hustling and bustling of middle school boys as they chase their dreams is very inspiring.

Racket Boys

Image: tvN

Hospital Playlist

This bunch of friends is like no other as they tackle the world of medicine with music.

People always talk about coming back to this drama for emotional support.

Reply 1988

Image: tvN

Image: SBS

The familiarity of the storyline was definitely refreshing!

Business Proposal

Image: JTBC

While it is sad, it is also equally filled with love and everything in between.

Just Between Lovers

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