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Pujya Doss

JULY 02, 2024


K-dramas to watch when you are hungry

Follows a food blogger's culinary adventures, emphasizing the joy of eating and the beauty of Korean cuisine

Image: tvN.

Let's Eat 

A heartwarming story set in an Italian restaurant, blending romance with delectable dishes and the challenges of kitchen life

Image: MBC.


Features a talented chef who gets possessed by a ghost with a knack for cooking, leading to comedic and delicious chaos. 

Image: tvN.

Oh My Ghost 

A tale of love and redemption set in a failing Chinese restaurant, showcasing the artistry of wok cooking amidst drama

Image: SBS.

Wok of Love

Chronicles a young man's journey to become a master baker, highlighting the intricacies of baking and familial bonds

King of Baking, Kim Takgu 

Image: KBS2.

Incorporates supernatural elements into a story centered around a food stall that serves dishes linked to healing past traumas

Mystic Pop-up Bar

Image: JTBC.

Explores the competitive world of Korean traditional cuisine, with a focus on intricate dishes and the ambition of chefs

Feast of the Gods

Image: MBC.

Set in a picturesque island, this romantic comedy features a cozy seaside restaurant and its delectable offerings

Warm and Cozy

Image: MBC.

Revolves around a talented chef's journey to reclaim his culinary prowess, showcasing Korean royal cuisine and culinary rivalries


Image: SBS.

Seamlessly intertwines a heartwarming love story with the healing power of food, set in a hospice and a quaint seaside cafe


Image: JTBC.


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