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june 30, 2024


K-dramas with most unforgettable endings

Sanjukta Choudhury

This dark comedy about a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer, Vincenzo Cassano, ends with a thrilling and satisfying showdown that leaves viewers in awe

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A nostalgic journey through youth, love, and dreams, Twenty Five Twenty One concludes with a poignant and bittersweet ending that captures the essence of growing up and moving on

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Twenty Five Twenty One

This gripping revenge drama culminates in a powerful and cathartic finale, where Moon Dong-eun's meticulous plans come to a head in an unforgettable way

The Glory

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A cross-border romance that defies all odds, Crash Landing on You wraps up with a heartwarming and hopeful ending, bringing closure to the beloved couple’s journey

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Crash Landing on You

This psychological thriller takes viewers on a dark and twisted path, culminating in a shocking and mind-bending finale that leaves a lasting impact


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A tragic love story that tugs at the heartstrings, Uncontrollably Fond ends with a poignant and tear-jerking conclusion that resonates deeply with viewers

Uncontrollably Fond

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Celebrating friendship and family, Reply 1988 concludes with a heartfelt and nostalgic ending that beautifully ties up the stories of the beloved Ssangmundong residents

Reply 1988

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This suspenseful melodrama about secrets and deception finishes with a dramatic and emotional climax, offering redemption and a new beginning for the main characters

Flower of Evil

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A chilling horror-thriller, Strangers From Hell leaves viewers with a haunting and unforgettable ending that perfectly encapsulates the show's eerie atmosphere

Strangers From Hell

Image credit: OCN

Blending fantasy, romance, and tragedy, Goblin delivers an epic and emotional ending that has become one of the most memorable in K-drama history


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