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Pujya Doss

may 25, 2024


K-pop Bops to Blast All Summer Long

A lively and upbeat song that feels like a beach party, perfect for dancing under the summer sun

Image: JYP Entertainment

Dance the Night Away by TWICE: 

A bright and fruity track with refreshing vibes, perfect for sipping cool drinks and enjoying the heat

Image: SM Entertainment

Red Flavor by Red Velvet: 

A breezy and refreshing track that perfectly captures the feeling of a warm summer wind

Summer Breeze by SF9: 

Image: FNC Entertainment

A tropical and catchy song that makes you want to relax by the beach and enjoy the sunshine

Hola Hola by KARD: 

Image: DSP Media

An energetic and cheerful song that boosts your mood and makes you feel ready to take on the summer heat

Power Up by Red Velvet: 

Image: SM Entertainment

A vibrant and adventurous song that makes you feel like you're on a thrilling summer journey

Wave by ATEEZ: 

Image: KQ Entertainment

A smooth and groovy track that brings a cool and refreshing vibe, ideal for chilling out on hot summer days

View by SHINee: 

Image: SM Entertainment

A fun and carefree anthem perfect for summer parties and enjoying the sunny weather with friends

We Like 2 Party by BIGBANG: 

Image: YG Entertainment

A sizzling and dynamic track that perfectly captures the intense energy of summer days

Hot Summer by f(x): 

Image: SM Entertainment

A sweet and refreshing song with a feel-good vibe that's perfect for those warm summer nights

All Night by ASTRO: 

Image: Fantagio


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