Kareena Kapoor Khan Is A Doting Mother

February 20, 2021

From on-screen performances to the real-life role as a mother, Kareena Kapoor Khan has fulfilled all her duties Perfectly

And the birth of her first child, Taimur Ali Khan, has brought some noticeable changes in her behaviour

The actress, who wouldn’t let anyone steal her thunder, admitted for the first time that her son is the only person who is allowed to steal her frame!

Taking to her Instagram account, Kareena shows how she and Saif are bonding with Taimur. And we think that they are the coolest parents ever!

The power-couple never misses out on their Switzerland trip. And they always make sure to inculcate the family values in Tim

Sharing a picture of Taimur with his idol, Ganpati Bappa, Kareena had also revealed that her kid will follow all religions

When it comes to Tim’s career choices, Saif believes that his son is definitely going to be an actor. However, Kareena begs to differ on this matter

She will always want him to choose the path that makes him happy. And whether he wants to be a pilot or a chef, Taimur will always have her mother’s full support in doing so!

Also, Bebo is already making this evident in most of her Instagram posts. We have seen her not only supporting Tim but also speaking highly about his talents

Keeping things fun, every once in a while, Kareena and Tim surprise us with their new level of goofiness!

From the bigger things to little joys, Kareena has let Taimur discover all sides of life

And we cannot wait to see her bringing up her second child with equal love, warmth and support

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