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Korean actors who are good dancers

Vedangi Joshi

mar 16, 2023


 Image Credit: Park Min Young’s Instagram

Park Min Young 

Actress Park Min Young is quite known for releasing dance covers with professionals that showcase her amazing dancing skills

Image Credit: Kim Min Jae’s Instagram 

Kim Min Jae 

Kim Min Jae also known as Real.be, is a actor and rapper with the smooth moves like an idol since he received training for it for some time 

 Image Credit: Jeon So Min’s Instagram

 Jeon So Min 

Jeon So Min is a multi-entertainer, she has the talent of acting, but aside from these skills she is a fantastic dancer 

Image Credit: Lee Seung Gi

 Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi has many talents like being a singer, actor, host, and entertainer, also in many variety shows he has proven that he also has an excellent command over his moves 

 Image Credit: Song Kang

Song Kang 

Song Kang is known for his leading role in dramas like Love Alarm, Sweet Home Forecasting Love and Weather and more, and is known to have a unique dancing skill 

 Image Credit: Shin Hye Sun’s Instagram

Shin Hye Sun 

Popular actress Shin Hye Sun has learned ballet for her role in the drama Angle’s Last Mission: Love in which she played a ballerina who has no interest in love 

Image Credit:  Seol In Ah’s Instagram

Seol In Ah 

Seol In Ah is known for her leading role in the drama Business Proposal, aside from great acting skills, she also possesses excellent dancing skills 

Image Credit: Park Yoo Na’s Instagram

Park Yoo Na 

Actress Park Yoo Na wanted to become an idol for which she trained and majored in dance in her school

Image Credit: Lee Jong Suk’s Instagram

Lee Jong Suk 

Famous actor Lee Jong Suk was once an idol trainee for three months but later he decided to choose another path and became an actor


Park Bo Gum 

Park Bo Gum is a great actor and a singer too, apart from his these he has a hidden charm as he is good at dancing too 

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