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Korean actors
with the best smiles

Ayushi Agrawal

DEC 20, 2022


He looks at least 10 years younger every time he smiles!

Song Joong Ki

Image: News1

Image: News1

Ji Chang Wook

He can light up any room that he enters just with his presence.

Image: News1

His grin can make anyone shy, it’s so striking.

Park Seo Joon

Image: News1

His face just switches to deep found happiness every time he lets out a smile

Park Hyung Sik

Image: News1

His beaming face is enough to make anyone’s day better.

Lee Jong Suk

Image: News1

His smile can take up his entire face with its sheer presence.

Lee Min Ho

Image: News1

Kang Ha Neul

His expressions are deeply controlled by his smiles.

His perfectly carved face is enhanced further by his ideal smile.

Park Bo Gum

Image: News1

Image: News1

He has beautiful eyes that glisten in a unique light when he grins.

Kim Woo Bin

Image: News1

He somehow manages to look very innocent while gleaming.

Kim Soo Hyun

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