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Korean celebrities who were born rich 

Vedangi Joshi

mar 12, 2023


Image Credit: Kim Tae Hee’s Instagram

Kim Tae Hee 

Actress Kim Tae Hee was born in a rich and well to do family, her father was the chairman of Hankook Union Transportation Company 

Image Credit: Park Hyung Sik’s Instagram

 Park Hyung Sik 

He is seen in K-dramas like Strong Girl Bong Soon, Hwarang and Suits. His father is said to be a board member of BMW Korea

 Image Credit: Jung Hae In’s Instagram

Jung Hae In 

Jung Hae In is a South Korean actor, he is the great-grandson of Jeong Yakyong a great thinker of the later Joseon era, with reports of his parents owning a Hospital   

Image Credit: Jung Il Woo’s Instagram

Jung Il Woo 

Actor Jung Il Woo’s father was reportedly the director of a Kendo Japanese fencing academy. It is also said that his grandfather was a President’s doctor and is the chief director of a hospital 

Image Credit: Lee Yi Kyung’s Instagram

Lee Yi Kyung 

Lee Yi Kyung is a South Korean actor whose father was reportedly the CEO of LG Innotek, a large South Korean company 

Image Credit: Lee Min Jung’s Instagram

Lee Min Jung 

Lee Min Jung is an actress who is known for her role in Boys Over Flowers, her father is known to be the CEO of a large advertising company in South Korea

Image Credit: SM Entertainment


EXO’s Suho grew up in Apgujeong which is known as one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in South Korea

Image Credit: Honey Lee’s Instagram

Honey Lee 

Honey Lee’s father was reportedly a high-ranking official with the NIS and her mother was a professor at University 

Image Credit: P.O.’s Instagram 


Pyo Jihoon, better known by his stage name P.O, is a South Korean rapper, singer and actor, whose father is said to own a duty-free shop

Image Credit: V’s Instagram 

Gang Dong Won 

Actor Gang Dong Won comes from a wealthy family background, his father is said to be a businessman and the vice president of SPP Heavy Industries 

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