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Korean variety shows we miss 

Vedangi Joshi

mar 11, 2023


Image Credit: MBC

Infinite Challenge

It was one of the longest-running Korean TV programs and had the highest viewership, it used many slow-mo, fun games, and challenges

Image Credit: MBC

We Got Married 

It paired up Korean celebrities to show what life could be like if they were married, the show also had a twist in that each week the couple was assigned a mission   

 Image Credit: tvN

New Journey to the West 

In each season every cast member was dressed as a certain character and travelled to places on a mission to find mystical dragon balls, they must complete a task in order to receive dragon balls

Image Credit: Mnet

Hit the Stage 

Hit the Stage was based on K-pop idols teaming up with professional dance teams to compete in a dance survival contest

Image Credit: SBS


The show featured eleven celebrities living together sharing common spaces such as the kitchen, living room, and washrooms, as well as household tasks. The house was covered by sixty cameras over five bedrooms

 Image Credit: KBS

Star Golden Bell 

The show consisted of mini-games with certain prize amounts, the winning celebrity is given the opportunity to ring the bell by correctly answering a riddle and if the answer is correct money is donated in the winner's name

Image Credit: KBS Joy

Hello Baby 

In this show celebrities experience parenthood by raising children of age 5 and under, the main purpose was to see if the celebrities make good parents or not 

Image Credit: SBS 

Strong Heart

The format of the show was that twenty guest stars tell emotional stories to make people cry or laugh and the best storyteller wins the show

Image Credit: SBS


This show had many mini-games where participants need to find the X-man by completing tasks and competing against each other 

Image Credit: JTBC


Celebrities go on a trip to a distant country, they have to record everything from their travel, about what they have learned and felt in their journey 

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