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Arjun Gupta


MAR 18, 2023

Libra-leo: signs that are extroverts

Zodiac signs are a part of one’s identity and influence their personality, goals, motivation, and relationships. Take a look at this list of extroverted Zodiac signs ranked from least to most

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Zodiac Signs

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They might not be the most extroverted people around. They love to be independent and enjoy their time alone with themselves


Pisceans are deep philosophical thinkers and might not like to socialize much. They are creative and value their time alone

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They do not feel the need to be the center of attraction. They like to hang around their friends and family

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They are neither extroverts nor introverts. They modify themselves according to the situation and are considered mysterious sometimes

They are passionate about their work and can make small talk when they need to. They may come off as reserved at first but socialize better with time

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Libras have a gifted ability to break ice and common ground. They are moderately extroverted and enjoy people

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They come among the most extroverted signs. They love people around them and are always curious about their life and converse well

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This fire sign is bold, enthusiastic, and energetic. They have a dynamic personality and are considered total extroverts

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Leos do not fear anyone and speak the way they want to around everyone. They thrive in social situations and love making new bonds everyday

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