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Vedangi Joshi

jan 11, 2023


 Sorry Daragon shippers, but it looks like the two are nothing more than good friends!

Dara and G-dragon

Image Credit : News1

Image Credit : News1

Taemin and Naeun

They were “married” on the show, We Got Married’, and viewers loved the pairing 

Super underrated K-drama actors

Super underrated Korean actresses

Image Credit : News1

Also married as a part of the MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’, their virtual relationship was a fan favourite.

Yonghwa and Seohyun

Image Credit : News1

Hani and Jackson's friendship blossomed whilst shooting for a reality series and they received love from viewers

Jackson and Hani

Image Credit : News1

The two became everyone's ideal couple from ‘We Got Married’, with their personalities and styles totally matching

Joy and Sungjae 

Image Credit : News1

Jimin and Seulgi

While there has been no confirmation that the duo ever dated, fans started calling them 'SeulMin’ after they performed together

There's no truth to the baseless rumours of them dating but we do agree that they look cute together

Jisoo and Jin

Image Credit : News1

Image Credit : News1

V and Jennie became subjected to dating rumours in 2022 which went on for quite a few months

V and Jennie

Image Credit : News1

Lisa and Jungkook 

The ‘97 liners exchange pleasantries on meeting during K-pop events, so we can only hope for a good friendship

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